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Payment Plan
Rate : Rs.. ......... per sq.ft
Construction Linked Plan    
Booking Amount : 15% of BSP
First Installment (Within 30 Days) : 10 % of BSP
Second Installment on completion of Foundation work : 15 % of BSP
Third Installment on completion of 1st Floor Casting : 10 % of BSP
Fourth Installment on completion of 2nd Floor Casting : 15 % of BSP
Fifth Installment on completion of 3rd Floor Casting : 10 % of BSP
Sixth Installment on completion of 4th Floor Casting : 10 % of BSP
Seventh Installment on completion of 5th floor Casting : 10 % of BSP
Eighth Installment on Possession : 5% of BSP + other charges
Other charges    
Floor Preferential location Charges (upto 3rd floor)   Rs. 50 per sq ft
Fire Fighting Charges   Rs. 15 per sq ft
External Electrification Charges   Rs. 20 per sq ft
Utility Connection Charges   Rs. 25 per sq ft
Club Membership Registration Charges   Rs. 25000
IFMS Charges   Rs. 12000
Sinking Fund   Rs. 10000
Car Parking   Rs. 2 lakh (Optional)
Power Backup Charges   As per the actual
EDC/IDC   As per the actual
Stamp Duty and Registration Charges   As per the actual
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Unit Plan
Payment Plan
Construction Updates
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